A note about the beverage service at PAWPAW.

It seems there has been some confusion about how the beverage service at PAWPAW operates. We apologize. Being a pop-up restaurant has it's issues, and operating like a permanent restaurant can sometimes be tricky. 

Here's how it works:

First, PAWPAW and Bruce and Son are two completely separate businesses. We don't share finances. All food sales go to PAWPAW, all beverage sales go to Bruce and Son.

All of the food for your reservation is pre-paid when you book your seats. That includes the food itself (menu), the tax on the food, and the service (gratuity/tip) for the food. The 20% gratuity you prepay is charged on the menu price onlyand goes directly to the two PAWPAW servers working that night. 

You are not charged in advance for beverages, beverage tax, or beverage gratuity. If you only drink water at the meal, there will be no additional checks presented. 

IF you choose to order off of the beverage menu at the time of your meal, you will then be presented with a check at the conclusion of your meal. This is for the beverages you consumed, and their tax. The gratuity you are encouraged to pay on this bill goes directly to the Bruce and Son bartender that prepared your drinks, not the PAWPAW servers. It's usually Paul and he does a fantastic job :-)

Q: How is the pre-paid gratuity calculated?
A: It is 20% of the menu price. The menu price is $70. The gratuity is $14.

Q: Who gets the pre-paid gratuity?
A: The pre-paid gratuity goes directly to the PAWPAW food servers working that evening. 

Q: Does the Bruce and Son bartender get any of the pre-paid gratuity?
A: No. The pre-paid gratuity is on the menu price only. The Bruce and Son bartender will get tipped if you tip them at the conclusion of the meal when you receive your beverage bill.

Q: Are beverages included in the pre-paid reservation price?
A: No. If you only drink water at the meal, there will be no further checks presented. If you order off the beverage menu, you will receive a check at the conclusion of the meal for those purchased drinks. 

Q: Should I tip on the beverages?
A: Yes, preferably. Paul made your drinks. He works for Bruce and Son restaurant and received none of the pre-paid food gratuity. If you think he made you a delicious drink, you should tip him.

Q: Should I tip the food servers?
A: No. You have already paid for the food service when you booked your reservation. 

Q: Why is this so complicated?
A: Because we're trying to provide you with a full restaurant experience with two separate business entities. And liquor laws are complicated. Thanks for your patience and continued support.