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Pink Glow

North Fork, Long Island, New York




A pop-up restaurant and a gathering place.

A culmination of the bounty and the people that make

the North Fork of Long Island such a special place.



Supper happens on select Saturday evenings.

Each supper has two seatings: 5:00pm and 7:30pm.

Seating dates and times can be found at the bottom of the page. Reservations are required.



Supper is a set price: $75. Beverages and Beverage Gratuity will be charged at the conclusion of your meal, should you choose to partake.



The menu is dictated by the seasons and

what is farmed, fished, and foraged on Long Island.

It changes weekly.



Dave Benthal

Katelyn Knapp 

is a North Fork native.


She'll be serving your food.


Taylor Knapp

is an Indiana native.


He'll be cooking your food.




Hosted by Bruce & Son

208 Main Street 

Greenport, NY 11944



     Chilled Tea of Concord Grape, Bayberry, and Anise Hyssop


         Sauerkraut Rye with Hal's Butter, Yeast, and North Fork Sea Salt


               Everything Blowfish and Charred Habanada Pepper


           Cucumber and Littleneck Clam

                    with Almond, Chili, and Garlic


                          Weakfish, Popcorn, and Torched Nightshades

             Chicken Thigh and Buckwheat Crepe

       with Eggplant and Grilled Blackberry

Wood Roasted Apple with Sesame and Yogurt

          Dark Chocolate and Pawpaw




Beverage Service is provided by Bruce and Son restaurant. They offer an outstanding menu of local wine, beer, and cocktails - both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. 

Beverages and subsequent beverage gratuity are not included in the price of the pre-paid reservation.

Should you choose to order items off the beverage menu, you'll be presented with a check from the Bruce and Son team at the conclusion of your meal. The Bruce and Son bartenders are paid separately from the PAWPAW service staff, so your gratuity on the beverages they prepared for you is greatly appreciated. 

Q: Are beverages included in the pre-paid menu price?

A: No. Should you choose to order off the beverage menu, you will be billed at the conclusion of your meal.

Q: Should I tip on the beverages I purchased?

A: Yes. The pre-paid gratuity goes to the PAWPAW servers only. The Bruce and Son bartender only receives tips from the beverages you purchase. 

Q: I pre-paid for gratuity. Who does that go to?

A: Your pre-paid gratuity was for the food portion of your meal only, and goes exclusively to the PAWPAW servers. The PAWPAW food servers do not need to be tipped at the conclusion of your meal. 

*Please note that this is a sample menu meant to provide an idea of the style and length of a typical evening at PAWPAW.

The menu changes weekly.